iPad Roulette

Roulette stems from 18th century France, with roulette also being the French word for ‘little wheel`. Roulette is one of the most popular casino games, online and offline. It`s simple and exciting, and thus very suitable for beginners. You just have a roulette wheel, and a ball. The wheel is spun, and the ball is thrown in. Depending on where it lands, you have won or lost. Simple as that! The simplest bet you can make is to bet on a color, red or black.

If you bet on red, and the ball lands on red, the payout is 1:1. Other possible bets range from even or odd to single numbers, and everything in between. All payout is in accordance with the chance of landing your bet, making it a relatively ‘fair` form of online betting.

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Online roulette

Online roulette isn`t much different from ordinary roulette, with the main difference of course being that you play one in an offline casino, and the other in an online casino. Playing online has many benefits. For example, you never have to wait until a spot comes free at the roulette table, as you maybe have experienced in an ordinary casino. It also might be easier to place your bets, especially if it isn`t the ordinary red or black. With your iPad, you simply use your fingers to easily place any bet you want.

Casino bonus

All online casinos offer some kind of casino bonus. This is a bonus which usually means you get free spins for slot machine or extra money from the casino at your first deposit. This extra money you can spend anyway you`d like of course, so also at the roulette table! Especially if you have no experience with roulette, this can be a way to lower the barrier to play it, since it doesn`t really cost you money. Maybe you`ll have discovered a new favorite!

iPad casino

Since it`s one of the most popular online gambling games, you can play this game in almost all iPad casinos. This iPad casino usually isn`t something separate, but part of an online casino. Surf to their site on your iPad and you`ll be taken to it directly. This way you can enjoy a game of roulette right from your iPad! This makes the roulette experience even more fun, since you can choose where and when to play.

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