iPad Jackpot Slots

You`ve had your fun with slot machines. Maybe you`ve won some, lost some, then won some more. But never anything big. With iPad jackpot slots that can change! Jackpot slots differ from ordinary slots in that ordinary slots always have a set payout on the jackpot for example. Let`s say 500x the spin cost. But with jackpot slots things are a little different. In general, it means that the more you play, the higher the jackpot becomes.

Until it is won, after which it resets again. Now, this jackpot is not only applicable to you, but maybe to everyone playing the same jackpot slot, or maybe even all the people playing iPad jackpot slots in the iPad casino. This can differ from casino to casino. The good part is, that if you really want to have a chance at winning a life changing price, this is the iPad casino game for you!

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Online jackpot slots

Jackpot slots exist in real life casinos, and of course also in the online casinos and thus also in iPad casinos. You might win more than a million dollars playing online jackpot slots with your iPad at your couch! Never was it so easy to win so much money, if you get lucky of course. Since jackpot slots are more likely to payout as you pay longer, which is different from ordinary slots, you might want to play it for longer periods of time. Now, would you rather do this from the comfort of your home, or to pass the time on a long public transport commute, or actually go to a casino before you can enjoy the benefits?

Casino bonus

Practically all casinos offer bonuses for playing at their casino. Some have a no deposit bonus, meaning you get something like free spins for just signing up at their casino. These free spins you usually can`t spend at jackpot slots unfortunately. What you can spend there are the money you get from deposit bonuses. This is a bonus where the casino for example doubles your first deposit up to a certain amount, giving you free money to spend at their casino!

iPad casino

It`s also possible to enjoy jackpot slots from the comfort of your iPad. Head on over to a online casino on it, and you probably will be taken to their iPad casino. Super easy, and an even better experience!

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