iPad Baccarat

The game of baccarat is, like other classic casino card games, quite an old one. Also, like other casino games, it`s a very fun one! It has multiple variant, with the most played in online casinos being the so called "punto banco" variant. In this game there are two participants, the player (punto) and the bank (banco). Both draw two cards. The goal of the game is to draw cards as such that you are as close as possible to 9, with 9 being the best score.

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The rules

Of course you can`t play the game if you don`t know the rules, so we will set them out for you. You can bet on three different options: player, bank, and tie. If you bet on the player or bank, that means you bet on the player or bank getting the best score (closest to 9). The payout in both cases will be 1:1. A note has to be made about betting on the bank, if you bet on the bank and you win, the bank will take a 5% commission, due to lower chances of winning for the bank. If the player bets on a tie, and the game ends in one, the payout will be 9:1. These are the most important rules.


The next important thing is the value of the cards and of you hand. The cards 2 through 9 are worth what the card reads, so 2 is worth 2, 9 is worth 9, etc. The ace card is worth 1, and the face cards are worth 0. Another point is that when the value of the cards in your hand goes in the double digits, the first digit is dropped. So let`s say you draw a 9 and a 4. The total value is 13, but your hand is only worth 3, since the first digit is dropped.

Online baccarat

Now that the game has been explained, you can go on and play it! Online baccarat is a very popular online casino game, also for iPad casinos. Here you can play together with other players at the same time, but the other players don`t partake in your online baccarat game. It`s just you and the dealer. Does baccarat seem like a fun game to you? Try it now on your iPad in an online casino! If you don`t want to play for money and just try it for free, that of course is also possible in almost any iPad casino! Who knows, and maybe you`ll be enjoying a game of baccarat from the comfort of your couch very soon.

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